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Are you as weary as I am of the doom and gloom that permeates our society today? Do you like to find the humor in everyday life situations? Do you like clean humor? Then join me as I poke fun at the mundane, the ridiculous, and most of all, at myself.

Sometimes I believe we take life too seriously. The constant bombardment of negativity wears us down, causes anxiety, stress, and depression.  If we can learn to take simple moments in our day-to-day life and look for the humor, it will lighten our mood and lift our spirits. Laughter is good for the body, as well as the soul. Studies have shown that people who laugh a lot generally feel better and tend to be in better health. Laughter releases endorphins, a natural chemical that decreases the feelings of stress, as well as reducing the level of stress hormones. Laughter produces a rush similar to a physical workout and changes our perceptive of situations that can trigger negative emotions.

Other People's Children CoverIf you are looking for a good laugh, in addition to my blog, pick up a copy of my novel, Other People’s Children, a humorous look at the life of a foster parent. It is loosely based on my husband’s and my ten years as foster parents. I would love your feedback in the form of a review on Amazon.

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So come lighten up with me. Just don’t take me too seriously—I don’t.

Remember, laughter is the best medicine.


Now Available:   Honor Thy Father

I am excited to announce the release of my latest novel, Honor Thy Father Episode One and Episode Two, through Winged Publications. Both are available on Amazon in print or kindle form.

If you read the book, I would greatly appreciate your posting a review on Amazon.


Why should Adam’s daughters, with whom he hasn’t had contact for twenty-five years, honor him now when he needs a life-saving bone marrow transplant? Why should his son, who was kicked out of the house, honor his father? Is there any hope of reconciliation when twenty-five years of anger, bitterness, and divergent pathways have led family members down different roads of life? Honor Thy Father is the compelling story of loss and redemption and how God can turn tragedy into triumph.

How does a family survive after being torn apart? Adam Wallace copes with the heartbreaking loss of his wife and daughters by immersing himself in his work. Charlotte withdraws from everyone and everything around her. Dana, living a life of privilege, does not even realize her loss. Katrina copes by trying to make everyone else happy. Scott copes by rebellion. Ultimately, they all come to realize that God can work through every situation to make beauty out of ashes.

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Now Available:  Don’t Bite the Doctor

I am excited to announce the release of my third novel, Don’t Bite the Doctor, through Winged Publications. It is available on Amazon in print or kindle form.

If you read the book, I would greatly appreciate your posting a review on Amazon.


Real doctors treat more than one species.

At least that’s what veterinarian, Jill Bennet tells herself.

On any given day, she may find herself doctoring dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, horses, pigs, or any other furry or feathered patient who crosses her path—striving daily to deliver compassion and competence to all God’s creatures, in accordance with Colossians 3:23. Now, with over forty years of practice under her belt, Jill reflects back to her time as a new, young veterinarian in the early eighties—a time when women veterinarians were just beginning to become a presence among the previously male-dominated profession.

Out in the real world, Jill finds herself in situations never covered in veterinary school. It is a journey of learning and laughter, as Jill contends with a variety of animal patients and their eclectic humans attached to the other end of the leash (and the checkbook), as well as less-than-helpful co-workers. Interwoven into this mix of new experiences is her budding romance with the owner of the sock-eating Labrador Retriever. Don’t Bite the Doctor promises to bring smiles and tears to anyone who has ever been owned by an animal.

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Also Available:  Save the Date

I am excited to announce the release of my second novel, Save the Date, through Winged Publications. It is available on Amazon in print or kindle form. I will also have some copies available from the trunk of my car. 😊

If you read the book, I would greatly appreciate your posting a review on Amazon.


What if you were given the chance to rekindle the flame with your first love? What happened to all those girls who were mean to you in school? Should Hannah Jensen take the chance of attending her high school reunion to find out?

Hannah hasn’t been back to her hometown in more than twenty years. Now, a widow, raising a teenaged daughter, she has the opportunity to go home for her twenty-fifth high school reunion. The invitation to the reunion stirs up a lot of old memories at the same time she is dealing with loneliness, the challenges of single-parenting a teenager, people who want to “set her up” with eligible men, her own insecurities, and her eccentric family.

The story interweaves the present with scenes from Hannah’s past and her fantasy of “happily ever after” with her high school boyfriend in a humorous and entertaining manner. Her feelings from being “shunned” by the cool kids resurface as she reflects back on her time as a teenager. There are several roadblocks on Hannah’s journey from a teenager through her present. The growing pains and amusing situations in which she finds herself are ones to which we all can relate. As she walks the path of self-discovery, she also discovers the most important life lesson of all–her relationship to God.

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