I have a new amendment to propose on the next ballot. Unfortunately I didn’t think of it soon enough to get it on this year’s ballot. However, perhaps in the next several months I can stir up plenty of support to back me up. Here’s my proposal—it will be illegal to exhibit any form of Christmas prior to Thanksgiving.

There will be no Christmas displays or items in stores prior to Thanksgiving. There will be no Christmas music played before Thanksgiving. (Church choirs, school musical groups and community musical groups are exempt IF they are practicing for actual Christmas performances to be presented during the Christmas season, which shall be AFTER Thanksgiving.) There will be no Black Friday sales until after Thanksgiving. Black Friday shall not occur until the Friday after Thanksgiving. (That’s why it’s called “Friday.” Duh!) There will be no jumping the gun to make that extra buck by starting the sales on Thanksgiving Day. That’s just flat-out wrong on so many levels. There will be no Christmas ads on television before Thanksgiving. There will be no Christmas movies in the cinemas or Hallmark Christmas movies on television before Thanksgiving. People may not begin putting up outdoor Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving. Christmas catalogues can be mailed out and people may be allowed to purchase Christmas gifts prior to Thanksgiving, but it must be done in an inconspicuous manner. (After all, how can a retailer police whether or not that scarf was purchased for Aunt Rose’s Christmas present or for you to wear to the football game)? There shall be no Christmas tree lots set up before Thanksgiving, even if the Christmas trees haven’t arrived yet. No one may wear Christmas clothing in public. No Christmas cookies may be baked unless they are frozen and eaten after Thanksgiving. People may start addressing their Christmas cards, but may not mail them until after Thanksgiving. There will be no attempt to trick people by cheating and calling any of these activities “holiday” when everyone knows full well we’re talking about Christmas.

Have I missed anything? If so, in case there is any doubt, the Christmas season shall NOT begin until after Thanksgiving. Period! It’s not that I don’t love Christmas. It’s actually my favorite time of year. But because it is so special, it shouldn’t be in my face all year round. That makes it less special. There should be a sense of anticipation and uniqueness that is only experienced during those few weeks in December, such as eggnog and peppermint ice cream.

Besides all the things I have mentioned, it simply isn’t fair to cheat Thanksgiving out of its own merited day. Thanksgiving should have its own recognition, along with the anticipation of food, family, friends, and a time to simply stop and reflect on all our blessings. Although other countries celebrate Thanksgiving in different ways, our American Thanksgiving is an important part of our history, culture and tradition. As such, it shouldn’t be lost in the shuffle, shoved in almost like an afterthought, and gotten out of the way just so the Christmas season can start early. Give Turkey Day its due. For that matter, give God his due. The very name “Thanksgiving” means giving thanks. Slow down and reflect on who we are thanking and why. The mad dash to December 25th can wait one more day.

So, who is with me? Shall we see about getting this proposition on the next ballot? I would seriously consider undertaking this agenda, but I fear it would be in vain. Regardless of the outcome of the voting, Broward County will demand repeated recounts until they get the answer they want. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!