In my last blog, I mentioned how my heart decided to take advantage of the fact that I now have “free” government health care through my $144.60 monthly fee for Medicare. (Okay, I’m being a bit sarcastic here, as I realize this is a bargain.) I had made the mistake of mentioning my shortness of breath to my primary care physician who referred me for a cardiac work up. Now I have been through the stress test, and all that entails, and an echocardiogram, and the doctor is still not satisfied. So, it’s on to a cardiac catheterization.

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Ride, Sally, Ride On Out of Here!

My husband recently received a Facebook posting that read, “If there is not a tropical storm in your area, stand by and one will be assigned to you.” Boy, isn’t that the truth! As I write this, Hurricane Sally is meandering her way toward the Gulf Coast, inch by inch, changing direction every hour. And as if that isn’t bad enough, we have Paulette, Teddy, and Vicky on her heels. Oh, and there is also Disturbance 1, a broad area of low pressure over the southwestern Gulf of Mexico, Disturbance 2, a few hundred miles southeast of the Cabo Verde Islands, and Disturbance 3, a non-tropical area of low pressure several hundred miles north east of the Azores. What, did we run out of alphabet and have to assign storms the nomenclature of “Disturbance” and a number? According to my calculations we still have W, X, Y, and Z left. By the way, what happened to U? Did I miss something?

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