For the past few weeks now, I have noticed strange advertisements inserted into the blogs I post on my website.  At first I was embarrassed.  How in the world did that get in there?  Did I accidentally paste something onto my word document and forget to delete it?  I went back and checked.  No, there wasn’t anything in the original, which I copied and pasted onto my blog site at Word Press.

I kind of got busy and forgot about it until it happened the following week.  Now I was irritated.  What’s up with unauthorized advertisements appearing on my personal website?  It makes my postings look ultra-tacky!  So I emailed my web person asking how to get rid of these unwanted ads.  After not getting a response, I emailed again.  In essence, I was told that I am on a free plan.  To get rid of the ads, I need to be on a higher level plan.

What?  So if I don’t sign up for the deluxe package which I have no use for, my site will be hijacked with annoying ads?  I’m not sure why these ads only recently began appearing, since my web page has been active for over a year.  Maybe it’s a subtle hint to start paying or things may get worse.  Is this a form of blackmail?  Extortion? I might even consider coughing up whatever I need to get rid of these unwelcome intrusions which detract from my scintillating blog postings, but I can barely navigate the basic website I have now.  Remember I am technology challenged.  I can only handle a couple of the many supposedly amazing functions my basic website can provide. And frankly, I don’t want to be confused with anything more.  So why in the blazes would I want to upgrade to something even more complicated?  I can only take so much stress.  Technology for me must be simple.  Simple technology—is that an oxymoron? Even simple technology freaks me out.  I really need an IT person to take care of all this for me, but since my writing earns exactly nothing, I can’t afford one.  And nobody seems to be crawling out of the woodwork to do this for me.

So … it appears for now I am stuck with ads in my blogs—which means you, my devoted and valued reader are stuck with ads.  This gives you one of two choices.  Either ignore them or volunteer to be my IT person!